In an ever evolving  international scenario, Studio Tributario Tognolo’s mission is to accompany and support its clients in a complex and competitive environment, turning potential vulnerabilities into opportunities.

The firm was born in 2002, after a long enhancing professional experience in a big four. The managerial imprinting of the experience matured during those years was the fundament of my idea to build a consulting firm, based on meritocracy, who had specific features and which ensure a customized service to multinational groups in the international tax and/or extraordinary transactions. I worked toward an agile structure, simple and flexible enough to face very complex cases with a team of ethically exemplary and technically competent professionals. I was looking for the ideal mixture between the big four’s organized model and the elasticity of a small firm. A firm who can ensure its client a “sartorial care” to their problems resolutions.

In this way, the consulting activity provided by Studio Tributario Tognolo has been recognized, since the beginning, by the ability to identify client’s specificity, taking them along together with the ever-evolving international scenario in a transparent and consistent way. This approach converted the usual client-consultant relationship in a reliable and trustworthy partnership. A partnership that lasts, in many cases, over 15 years and that made us grow, positively reaching our common target.

The ability to measure our own talent, identifying the best way to assist our client, made the firm grow and better organizing itself along the years, increasing the number of new professionals for a complete and customized consultation. Today I can proudly say that the firm employs a group of many deserving honest and competent professionals, able to foresee beyond the circumstance’s needs in order to be ready to face all the evolutions before they happens.

The future will take us in front of new challenges and we will be strong of our constant commitment. We will find the way to turn potential vulnerabilities into growing opportunities for both our client and us.