Transfer Pricing Consultation: 08.05.18 meeting

A meeting was held yesterday, at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, to discuss about the comments and contributions sent to the Authorities, for the Public Consultation on transfer pricing (TP).

The participants in the event analyzed the proposal of change for the Measure schemes, published on the MEF website in February 2018, mainly concerning the following topics:

  • the regulation of transfer pricing of low value adding intra-group services;
  • the latest news on the requirements of the TP documentation;
  • the procedures to eliminate double taxation resulting from the adjustments made by partner countries in bilateral conventions (to avoid double taxation).

The Head of the Tax Authorities, Paolo Valerio Barbantini, illustrated the contents of the measure schemes relating to the regulation of transfer pricing.

Following the contributions of the professionists and TP experts, the Revenue Agency will prepare one or more measures that will integrate the technical aspects of the documents consulted.

Raffaele Russo, senior advisor of the Minister for the Economy and Finance, illustrated the subsequent phases of the project which will provide, in a short time, the publication of the ministerial decree and the provision of the Revenue Agency.

During the meeting, a guidance of the measures undertaken in the Public Consultation TP has been released.