Since 2002 Studio Tributario Tognolo is the reference Tax firm for Italian and multinational medium and large groups for corporate, accounting and tax consultancy activities.

The strength of the firm is the management and resolution of tax and company’s needs, involving both Italian and foreign tax administration. In this environment, the firm represents interests of Italian investors abroad and as well as foreign investors in Italy through the involvement of a selected group of skilled professional internationally.

Studio Tributario Tognolo has the unique ability to anticipate the potential vulnerabilities of companies’ processes, planning an efficient management in an internationally dynamic context, building based on trustworthiness and partnership lasting in some cases over 15 years.

The firm is not related to any auditing company or any consulting network. Consequently it does not incur in any of the limitations or restrictions currently fixed by any italian or foreign regulatory Body.

The firm is not linked to any auditing company, or tax and legal international network. As a consequence it does not incur in any of the limitations or restrictions at present fixed by CONSOB (Italian regulatory Body), Sarbarnes-Oxley American Law, or by any other foreign regulatory Bodies.

Studio Tributario Tognolo is recognazied in Europe by Chambers and Partners.